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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aquaman Poster - 1992

One last thing re: the fourth Aquaman solo series we wrapped up over the weekend.

DC didn't do a lot of merchandising or promotion for the fourth Aquaman solo series, the lone example being this promo poster culled from Kevin Maguire's cover to the first issue.

While its drawn beautifully, its an odd image for a poster, and the type at the bottom right is virtually unreadable.


Last week I posted this pic:
...just today I got an email from F.O.A.M.er John Lijewski III concerning this hoodie. Apparently John pre-ordered one, but was told that "due to lack of demand" the shirt is not being produced. Great Neptune!

I don't know how many orders it might take for the company (80s Tees.com) to change their mind, but for those of us out there who wanted one, this might be the time to
write company president Kevin Stecko and ask him to reconsider. Maybe if enough Aqua Fans write in, they'll change their mind!

Thanks for the tip John!

Update: I traded emails with Kevin, and while he didn't say they had any plans to reconsider, they also didn't say they wouldn't, you know? So if you're really interested in purchasing this item, leave a comment indicating such here. Then I'll total them all up, and email Kevin and see if that's enough for his company to reconsider.


Erik said...

I didn't realize we could pre-order them. I was looking forward to this too.

If they make it, I'd buy it.

Anonymous said...

Same here. This one was definitely the most unique of the bunch. And its a little silly to make all the Justice League but one. Isnt that the whole point of the set? I mean... at least make a very limited number of them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would have ordered one, too.

As for the poster...wasn't an autographed copy given to any subscription to AQUAMAN? I'm pretty sure that's how I got my copy, with Kevin McGuire's signature in the lower left corner. It's proudly hanging in my computer room next to the Alex Ross JLA poster. :-)

John said...

I confirm what Russell says...I've got an autographed copy of the poster thanks to subscription.

Also, I'm in for the hoodie! Make Mine Marine Marvel!

Adama said...

Hmmmm, you know what? I'm in too! I want me an Aquaman hoodie!

Anonymous said...

That goes double for me! I usually am not interested in stuff like that...but I simply couldn't pass that up!

chunky B said...

Let's get that bad boy made! Make mine XXL baby!

Anonymous said...

Rob, count me in too for the hoddie.


Anonymous said...


For the good of the cause, count me in too. I want to see this hoodie made. I'll buy two.

rob! said...

you guys are awesome!

so far, we've got:
erik (1)
anonymous (1)
russell (1)
john (1)
adama (1)
benton (1)
chunky b (1)
mac (1)
sean (2)
me (2)
...plus john, who started all this, making a total of 13 pre-orders.

i'll wait to see if anyone else ponies up before the end of the day and then write kevin and see if we can "make him an offer he can't refuse."

Anonymous said...

I've gotta get me a hoodie. 13 is so unlucky.

Lijewski3 said...

im in for 2

rob! said...

whoo-hoo, that's 15! we're doing great! you aquafans RULE!

i'll be emailing kevin tonight, right after i put up friday's post, so if anyone wants to be counted, you'be got until then!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome!

please contact me at soundbuoy@gmail.com if it becomes available!

Joe Hennes said...

I was planning on putting it on my Christmas list.

rob! said...

wow, we're up to 17!

Adama said...

Now, if only they had made a GREEN ARROW hoodie...

Anonymous said...

I want/need this too.

Bubbashelby said...

Rob, I have an idea. I'll post again shortly and contact you via email once I've got it rolling...

rob! said...


i'm all ears.

the company's president told me if we/i can promise around 150-200 pre-orders, he'll put it back up on their site. then, when/if those pre-orders go through, he'll put the shirt back into production.

if anyone has an idea to drum up more orders, comment here or email me!

Adama said...

150? Hmmmm, I have no idea where to come up those kinds of numbers. Maybe the CGS forum, but I don't know how many Aquaman fans thee are over there.

Erik said...

Set up eBay auctions for the pre-orders? Other than that, I have no idea.

Oscar Olalde said...

Count me in, I'm willing to buy that hoodie, really interested, also ebay seems a viable way for me.