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Saturday, June 28, 2008

One Lap Closer

sgCourtesy F.O.A.M. member Chuck "D.C" Dill, comes this link that relates this bit o' news concerning a possible return of Aquaman:

[The question was asked] Are we ever going to see the original Aquaman again? At that point, [Geoff] Johns and [Ethan] Van Sciver began whispering, saying "can we say it?"

Finally, Van Sciver stated, "We'd like you to refer to
Blackest Night
for the answer to that."

I had heard from a very reliable source that Van Sciver was working on some sort of an Aquaman project, now he seems to be openly confirming it.

With both Johns and Van Sciver being admittedly huge fans of the original, Classic Aquaman, I think this bodes well for a return of our favorite hero. (And if I was Arthur Joseph, I wouldn't be making any long term plans.)

Thanks for the tip Chuck!


Siskoid said...

But Blackest Night is about zombie Lanterns, right?

So I guess they'll use those events to resurrect a few characters.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, whatever gets us there. Please keep me posted Rob, as I don't want to give DC my money (after they canceled every single book I was buying) until Aquaman is actually BACK.

Anonymous said...

I'm with bentongrey. I still remember thinking, "World War III will explain what happened to Arthur" and then buying the whole #%$#@ series to get one or two badly written, unclear pages. Blech. DC is not my favorite company right now.

rob! said...

i have no intention of buying Blackest Night--whatever the hell that is--just to see if there's a glimpse of Arthur.

my dealer (that looks odd, when i write it down) will no doubt tell me if he does appear in some issue. then i'll buy it.

i'm more excited because it confirms what i heard--like i said, i have it from someone who talked to EVS directly, who said he was working on a new Aquaman book (of some sort).

now that they're dropping these hints in public, i can assume that there will be some new Johns/Van Sciver Aquaman book.


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Blackest Night should be good, based upon the Sinestro Corps War. However, I'm wondering how the Aquaman-zombie will work out. I'm assuming they'll undo the Dweller physical changes. I wonder if they'll bother to explain how it's undone.

The Irredeemable Shag