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Monday, June 16, 2008

2nd Aqua Contest!

Today we announce the winner of our Aquaman Shrine Design-A-Header Contest!

Before I announce the winning header, let's take a look at the submissions, in order of when they arrived:

This was sent by F.O.A.M. member Robby Reed, under the email subject title "CONTEST OVER." Robby was so confident of his work! And I have to say, this is an excellent piece--I love all the different iterations of Aquaman thrown together, a nice metaphor for the Shrine. Nice job, Robby!

Next came this from
Jeff Johnson:
...I like this one for the exact opposite reasons I love Robby's--instead of a thousand different Aquamans, this one has the eye focus on just one strong central image, similar to the approach I took when designing the header for myself. Plus, Aquaman looks super-tough. Nice job, Jeff!

Next is this submission from Jose:

...this is one is neat since it reminds me a lot of the stock-art pages DC has in its style guides. And you can't go wrong with using mostly Jose Luis Garcia Lopez art. Nice job, Jose!

This super-cool submission is from F.O.A.M. member David Kelly:

The main reason I love this one is, it feels like the only one that I could never, in a million years, designed myself.

Try as I might, my illustration and design work always ends up with some sort of pseudo-mathmatical structure to it, as if the elements I'm using are "locked" into place. I've tried mightily to occasionally try a more messy, impressionistic approach, but I find myself settling back into what looks "right" to me. David's piece is here is weird and unusual, and I dig it. Nice job, David!

Last is this entry from our very first F.O.A.M. member, Chris Franklin:
This one is clever as all get out, plus it features a little bit o' original art by Chris, always a nice touch.

They're all really cool, and I'm impressed with how different they are. But of course, I have to pick one as the winner of the contest--*sigh*.

After careful consideration, I have decided the winner of the contest is...Robby Reed!
While all the headers sent to me are superb, it's Robby's I think sums up the Shrine and its mission instantly, with one image. Heck, it does a better job on that score than my own does, really. So, Robby, congratulations! As promised, your header will sit atop the Shrine for one week, and in addition, you can pick from the following four prizes:

1)A DC Universe Aquaman figure

2)A DC Super Friends Aquaman figure

3)A DC Super Friends AquaSub vehicle

4)A one-year subscription to the DC Comic of your choice

...I thank everyone who put the effort into sending me a header, your enthusiasm is deeply appreciated as is your work. One of the most rewarding things from doing this blog is realizing what a passionate fan base the Sea King has.

Before we go, let's take one last look at all the submissions, plus the two sent to me pre-contest by F.O.A.M. members
Martin and Ben Holcomb that inspired this whole thing in the first place:


Anonymous said...

Told you! I choose the SUPERFRIENDS Aquaman figure. I will e-mail you with my address.

World's Greatest Toys! said...

Wonderful submissions! And I believe you chose the right one. Partial as I am to my own submission, a Mego-centric mast just does not do justice to the Aquaman canon.

Great work to all who submitted!


Anonymous said...

I think they're all awesome! You should use them all! Bring them out on special occasions, just to change things up a bit. :-)

Anonymous said...

I was Robby-ed!!! Nah, serioulsy I love Robby's design. It's so chock-full of stuff it SHOULDN'T work, but yet it does. It screams Aquaman and backs up that scream with tons of history and well-thought out design.

They were all nicely done though. A fun project!


Wings1295 said...

All great submissions! I agree with your choice as the winner, but I get how hard it was for you to choose!!!

chunky B said...

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes (fins) rob! What a decision to have to make, all wonderful looking submissions!

Great job all who sent stuff in, I like 'em all!

drawmein said...

This was a fun contest and I was waiting to see the other entries. Thanks for the kinda words BTW.

Aquaman Rules.


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Wow! These all look so great! All the graphic artists should be proud. You all did a really great job.

And I agree with Russell - You should use them all from time to time (or is that Tide to Tide?).

The Irredeemable Shag