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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Toyfare "Hot Plate" - 2008

sgI'm not trying to make this a theme week or anything (especially since we have a really cool one coming up soon) , but this seemed like the perfect time to post this.

This blurb is from the newest issue of Toyfare, in their "Hot Plate" column which highlights that month's especially cool and/or hot toys.

Usually Aquaman is a punching bag for the
Toyfare/Wizard editorial staff, but his increased presence in the toy aisles have started earning him a little more respect, I think--"Aquaman the A-Lister...I like the sound of that."

Me too.


Anonymous said...

...eh-hem, if i may..."alongside classic villains like Black Manta". Perhaps the 'villain' aspect is a bit out of line, and 'classic' makes me sound like a Model-T, but 'alongside' sounds a lot better than 'pulling up second' or 'bringing up the rear'. a win-win for both of us fish face...nice find!

Adama said...

Aquaman has ALWAYS been an A-Lister, but people were always too busy mocking him to care.

Poor Aquaman, savior of 3/4 of the world...and a joke to the 1/4 anyone ever pays attention to.

Anonymous said...

I'd consider Aquaman an A-lister, if you count Superman, Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman ABOVE A-list. And I think they are. For the A-list I'd say Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Flash and Green Lantern (Hal), and maybe Green Arrow. For the B squad, in the B+ catergory I'd list Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl (thanks to JLU), GL John Stewart (JLU again) Black Canary and the Atom.

Man, I WANT those FIGURES!!!


Bubbashelby said...

This DCUC figure is finally bringing our wet hero some much deserved respect. Kudos to the four horsemen and Mattel for making him a reality!