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Friday, May 23, 2008

DC Stars Trading Cards - 1991

sgSince we started this week with a contribution by new F.O.A.M. member Steve Leach, I thought we'd end with another contribution from him, too.

These are three of the pile of DC Stars trading cards he sent me, made by Impel in 1991, gratis. What a pal!

The first card is drawn by Joe Staton, the other two by the team of Paris Cullins and Dave Cooper.

As you can see, they highlight some of the most important battles of the DCU--the first Earth-1/Earth-2 Crisis, and then the Millennium battle almost thirty years later.

And, like all the other major skirmishes (up until recently) in the DC Universe, Aquaman is there.
As Gregory Peck once said about Bob Dylan, Aquaman isn't about to get out of town before the shooting starts.


Tomorrow on the Aquaman Shrine:


Doug said...

Looking forward to tomorrow's update!

These cards are fun, I'm including the Hawk series in my book. Among other cards of course. . .

Anonymous said...

I have all of those cards, I really liked the "hero heritage" (or whatever they called it) sub-sets. I mean you got a Kubert GA Hawkman, Anderson SA Hawman, and a MA Graham Nolan Hawkworld Hawkman. How cool was that?

The only weird thing about this set was at the time Impel/Skybox did not have the rights to the Batman characters, Topps did. So there is no Batman in this or the Death of Superman card set. Nightwing's card in this series vaguely references his time as Robin.


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Love those cards!

I have all those old DC trading card sets from the 1990's. I agree with Earth-2 Chris, the heritage cards were great. The follow-up series also had some cool triptychs.

The Irredeemable Shag