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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

British Newspaper Strips, Part 1 - 1968

Smash! was a British weekly comic that reprinted--in order--the late 1960s Batman newspaper strip.

This logo and several strips from the sequence that guest-starred both Aquaman and Superman were sent to me by newest F.O.A.M. member
Phil Rushton.

The strips are of course identical to their American counterparts, but Smash! (and another weekly, confusingly titled Smash! & Pow!) added fun little bits to them, in the manner of a sort of omniscient narrator.

So I'm going to be posting a few days worth of strips here over the next few weeks, since seeing Aquaman In Other Lands is one of my favorite things to put up here on the Shrine.

Here are the strips directly proceeding the Aquaman/Superman storyline, plus an original ad:

...those are four very diverse pieces of stock art. More to come soon!

Thanks Phil, welcome to F.O.A.M.!

1 comment:

Fleerfan said...


Its great to see these again. The panels look a bit larger than what I was able to find and send to you last year. I love the phrase "The Titanic Happening of All Time" and glad to see that they are giving Aquaman equal billing with Superman in the strip.

I hope this is able to fill in some of the missing Sunday strips I was never able to track down. Please don't wait another 7 months until the next installment!