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Friday, May 30, 2008

Aquaman Splashdown Ride - 2007

This simply blew me away.

Apparently, at the Six Flags Over Texas amusement park, there is an Aquaman water ride, called Aquaman Splashdown.

When these photos were posted, several AquaFans somehow noticed all at once, because I received several emails about it all around the same time. AquaFans don't miss anything.

As if having a theme park ride named Aquaman wasn't good enough, as you can see its got a nice big shot of the Sea King himself at the front (and Classic Aquaman, thank Neptune), plus the walkways are decorated with Aquaman's "A" insignia. Wow and double-wow.

Ever since I went freelance full-time, I don't have much time for trips, so I don't foresee ever making it down to Texas. But if I did...

By the way, I know these photos are copyrighted, but I just couldn't resist using the two most Aqua-centric of them for the Shrine. You can see more of them
here, in the context photographer and/or copyright holder Bryant Yeager meant them to be seen with.

Update: A few minutes after posting this, I went looking for other mentions on the web of the Aquaman Splashdown ride. Then I found this:
...oh my god, this is the coolest thing ever in history ever!


Diabolu Frank said...

Very cool. Weird hybrid thing going on there, but it's still the real Aquaman in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its extreme coolnes only slightly dulled by the fact that it seems to be a cross between classic Aquaman, pre-One Year Later "new classic" Aquaman, and Arthur Joseph. Kind of like the variant Mattel figure below.

But MAN!!! that is cool. We have a Penguin water ride at nearby Six Flaggs KY Kingdom in Louisville. I'd love to see it converted to this!


Anonymous said...

Holy... I can't believe it - I had no idea!!! How very cool!!! Would be so completely awesome if other Six Flags parks followed suit, since there is one not too far away from me here in Mass.

Thanks for sharing this great find, Rob!

Adama said...


chunky B said...

I always love the DC theme rides, When Batman Returns came out they had a ride themed as a Penguin Cooler and the Batmobile was at the end.

The one in San Antonio even had a backwards running roller coaster called Joker's Revenge, that was sweet.

But Aquaman Splashdown, that might require another trip to Dallas!

Anonymous said...

That is unbelievably awesome.......a statue to Aquaman? They should be in every major city....

World's Greatest Toys! said...

You know how frat boys pull 'pranks' involving the theft of a Big Boy statue, or the opposing team's mascot?

...just sayin' Rob. Just sayin.'


K.B. said...

Finally.Some Aqua respect.This is soooo cool.

rob! said...

i think if we ever did have an AquaCon, we now know where we'd hold it.

The Irredeemable Shag said...

That is freakin' awesome! My brother lives in Dallas. I'm definitely going to this on my next visit.

Dang, I just can't get over this.

The Irredeemable Shag