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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vs. Card by Craig Hamilton - 2008

sgI had been waiting for what seems like forever for this Vs. card to come out!

For, as most of you know, this card features a jaw-droppingly gorgeous piece of art by master illustrator (and my pal) Craig Hamilton, who then turned around and graciously sold me (or, more accurately,
sold Darlin' Tracy) the original art.

We had planned to get the piece framed, and then my pal Ed over at All Things Fun suggested I wait for the Vs. card to come out and have them framed together, which was a smashing idea. So as I write this, the original and the Vs. card are at the frame shop, hopefully under some sort of 24-hr. armed guard.

Once I get it back, it's going up over my art table, just to my left of where I'm typing this.


dimphoenix said...

awesome art. and btw, love your shrine. I love the sea king as well, and glad SOMEONE treats him with respect as you do!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see my article about the card?

You have a link in it: