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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mera Pog - 2008

sg"Remember Mera? Well she's back. In Pog form."--Milhouse Van Houten

Who knew they still/started again making Pogs? I certainly didn't, until All Things Fun staffer and F.O.A.M.er John McLaren handed this to me when I came in the store one day.

He has yet to come across an Aquaman or Aqualad Pog, which seems odd to me. But like I say, never look a gift Pog in the mouth!

Actually, I posted this mostly because I just like saying/typing/reading the phrase "Mera Pog." It could only get better if there was maybe a Kilowog Pog, or maybe a Magog Pog...or best of all, Walt Kelly's POGo.

Ok, I'll stop.

Yesterday we had Aqualad, today Mera. Tomorrow, the Sea King himself returns...sort of.

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Shameless Plug Department II: And don't forget, 5pm/8pm tonight I'll be the guest on Javier Hernandez's online radio show Planet Comic Book Radio!


Anonymous said...

The Mera pog is from the DC Heroclix game. Some characters classified as "supporting cast" were issued in pog form. You won't find an Aquaman or Aqualad version since they have actual Heroclix figures.

I think Mera rates a Heroclix figure of her own, though. Let's start a movement: "Free Mera from the pog!"

rob! said...

oh, i get it now! that makes sense.

but yeah, Mera SHOULD have her own heroclix figure.

Grears said...

Vincent beat me to it... I don't think I have the Mera pog, but I do know they have a whole bunch of the Aqua family in Clix format. Ironically, my son's favorite piece is Hydroman, a little known Spider-Man villain that has nothing to do with Aquaman.

George Rears

Anonymous said...


I'll try to listen in tonight!

(But geez - RADIO? What hope is there in THAT field?)

Break one,
-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

(P.S.- Excuse me, but one factual mistake: the best Pop Cult era was the '60's!)

Plaidstallions said...

Javier is totally right, the 70's were the best. I look forward to listening!

I was very excited to see that Milhouse "pog form" joke on the top Rob, it saved me from making it in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Heard about the last 3/4 - Boss, ya done good.

Knowledgable & well-spoken.

-Craig W.

(...Now, about Wendy, Marvin, and those Wonder Twins...)