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Friday, April 04, 2008

Aquaman #39 Ad - 1968

This brilliantly goofy ad for Aquaman #39 was sent to me by none other than Robby Reed of the brilliant Dial B For Blog blog. That makes Robby the newest member of F.O.A.M., this being the first time that an actual character from the DC Universe has joined F.O.A.M.! Can Aquaman himself be far behind?

This isn't the only ad DC did like this. Check out my
Coming Super Attractions blog today to see another one featuring Henry Boltinoff's charming hipster kids "Dig What's Coming."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Y'know, those sidestrips were usually groaners, humor-wise...

But little such little extras - Cap's Hints, Direct Currents, the innner cover PSA's - gave you a real feeling of getting "a whole meal" for your pennies, not just a sandwich!

Great weekend,
-Craig W.