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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

AquaContest Pin-Up Winners!

We have a winner--two, actually!

As you can see above, the pin-up is in fact by Mike Mignola, from a 1981 issue of the magazine The Comic Reader. Mignola, in an interview with Comic Book Artist several years ago, said he was still "searching for a style" at this point and you can clearly see the Berni Wrightson influence on this piece. And considering Mike's well-known apathy for superheroes(drawing them, at least), this will probably be the only time we'll ever get to see a Mike Mignola Classic Aquaman.

I've decided to declare two winners from the guesses--Sean, who guessed Mignola first, and Frank Lee Delano, who guessed correctly but also figured out that it was probably a fanzine pin-up. Well done, fellas, send me your addresses and your choice of stand-ups!

Hope everyone enjoyed our first contest, I don't think it'll be our last!


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the cover to Aquaman (v.5?) #6 (February 1995) featuring Aquaman and the Deep Six, also drawn and inked by Mike Mignola.

rob! said...

oops! of course you're right, so let me amend that to "classic Aquaman." :)

Tegan said...

I can see it now, but I never would have guessed Mignola.

rob! said...

i planted hints all around my blogs today--over at All in Black and White, i mention the 1981 Comic Reader issue, and over at Coming Super Attractions, i posted a JLA ad drawn by Mignola!

The Riddler i'm not, but i did my best. :)

Wich2 said...

"you can clearly see the Berni Wrightson influence"

BIG time.

-Craig W.

Earth 2 Chris said...

I was thinking early P. Craig Russell! Mignola's penchant for negative space was evident even at this stage!


Frank Lee Delano said...

Oh crud-- I hadn't noticed Mignola had already been called. Shows how groggy I was this morning. I don't think it's fair for me to claim a prize when my post came four hours after the correct answer had already been given. I humbly retract my submission. Maybe next time...

rob! said...


since you got the context i'm happy to award two prizes. send me your list of choices, from most wanted down, and i'll match it up with sean's and i bet there'll be room for both of ya to win something!

Frank Lee Delano said...

Alllright, but I still feel less than good about this.

I absolutely do not want Superman, nor the Flash. No way am I taking the Aquaman from anybody, though that's far and away the best. As you said, no brainer there.

Wonder Woman's my favorite character, but Captain Marvel is the 2nd best looking stand-up. Either of those two would be groovy.

rob! said...


no problem. sean chose aquaman, so ww is yours. email me your add, and thanks to everybody for playing!