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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Filmation Ad - 1968

Anyone who ever read a Silver Age DC comic pretty much knows this ad, it ran on the inside back cover of about a million different comics in 1968. I still can't get over the idea there was an era when Aquaman was treated with the same attention and respect as Superman.

I also enjoy the other DC heroes making an appearance, including the Martian Manhunter, who to my knowledge never actually made it into a Filmation cartooon!


World's Greatest Toys! said...

Too cool! I know about Aquaman's headlining of a late-60's show, but I've never seen an ad for it!

Thanks, Rob!


Anonymous said...

That ad was indeed EVERYWHERE that year!

DC was riding high; there was that similar one, that pumped the new Batman show, Supe's Broadway show, and the new COLOR reruns of the Reeves series.

Blessed Easter, to thems that has one!
-Craig W.

Unknown said...

Are we absolutely sure that it's Martian Manhunter and not Metamorpho? This is a black and white ad, right? Perhaps someone made a mistake with their bald guys. If I recall correctly Filmation did have plans for animated Metamorpho and Plastic Man at that time, even though they never happened.

rob! said...

could be, Glenn, but the lack of any facial detail reads as MM to me. look how sad he looks in any case...maybe he knew his fate...