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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Aquaman Stamp Panels, Part 1 - 2006

sgWhen the U.S. Post Office released their DC Superhero stamps(official Aquaman postage! Yaaaay!), they of course knew to release all kinds of limited edition doo-dads to appeal to comics fans, since stamp collectors and comic collectors are easy marks for that kind of stuff.

I go after ready-made "collector's items" on a case by case basis, so I passed on these USPS Collector Panels when they came out.

But luckily F.O.A.M. member Vince Bartilucci didn't, and he generously sent me scans of the two panels to show off here on the Shrine. Thanks Vince!

So click here to see the Jim Aparo Aquaman Collector Panel, a brief history of the character, and the maddening inclusion of a hideous Aquaman logo.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, didn't know about the Collector Panels. I did get the First Day Cover Panel for the Supergirl stamp (a framed custom envelope with all the character logos knocked back in color in the background, a repro of the entire sheet of Superhero Stamps, with the Supergirl stamp canceled at San Diego under a 7.5" x 9.5" repro of the stamp itself). I wrote the issue of Supergirl used for the stamp (The Daring New Adevntures of Supergirl #1) ... no doubt the closest I'll ever come to having my "own" stamp. Now I've gotta see if they did a Collector Panel of the Supergirl stamp...!


Anonymous said...


Yep, they did a panel for each stamp. Would you like me to send you a scan of either or both Supergirl panels?

Anonymous said...

Cool! Yeah, I'd love to see them both. You can send 'em to pkupps@optonline.net. Thanks a lot...really appreciate that!


Anonymous said...

I'll try to get 'em out tomorrow or Monday - don't have my own scanner, yet.

I sent each Aquaman panel to Rob in two halves and he stitched 'em together. I'll try and figure out how to combine them before I send 'em.

Unless our illustrious blog-master volunteers for that arduous task. :-)

rob! said...


yeah, i can do that. send them along to me and i'll stitch 'em together and then fwd them to Paul.

"The Aquaman Shrine: Bringing People Together Since 2006."

Adama said...

Oh, Rob!, not to change the subject, but did you get my e-mail about that song about Aquaman? I've been having trouble lately and I wanted to confirm.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you guys didn't comment on the "Sidekick: None" part of the panel. What is Garth, chopped sushi?


Anonymous said...


Yeh, it's weird. Batman's panel lists Robin as his sidekick, Green Arrow's lists Arsenal (aka Speedy), Hawkman's lists Hawkgirl, and Plastic Man's lists Woozy Winks! Gotta wonder who wrote these things ...