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Monday, February 25, 2008

Dan Didio on Aquaman II - 2/25/08

This is from a piece on the Wondercon at Newsarama.com about the fate of Aquaman:

"Asked about Aquaman, DiDio asked the fan back who is Aquaman now, to which the fan answered, 'I'm not sure right now.'

DiDio took a poll of the audience to see which Aquaman was the crowd's favorite, which showed the audience to be split among the different versions. DiDio said that it's something they're trying to figure out--which Aquaman should be the Aquaman to bring back.

DiDio said that while the Jim Aparo version is most recognizable, the 'harpoon hand' version is also well recognized in the media. All in all, DiDio said, they're taking their time to bring Aquaman back."

Note to Wondercon Attendees: "Classic Aquaman" is the correct answer.


Damian said...

Ugh, it's split? What the hell is that about?

Anonymous said...

I know quite a few readers who only bought AQUAMAN because Peter David was writing it. So they are all fans of the "hook look." (sigh)

Anonymous said...

JLU made some fans of the hook-handed Aquaman too, I'd imagine. It made me like him more, even though I still prefer classic Arthur.

Much like Hal Jordan, there is NOTHING wrong with classic Arthur. It's just that no one has done him right in the past 20 years.


Diabolu Frank said...

I ended up posting my overlong response over at my ...nurgh... blog, with a pretty picture by Chris Batista...