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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Batman Daily Newspaper Strip II, Part 15 - 1968

sgToday's batch of Batman newspaper dailies is the final(*sniff*) set of the storyline guest-starring Aquaman.

This has been enormous fun, reading these strips and presenting them here. And they attracted quite an audience, so I know I wasn't alone in my enjoyment.

Extra special thanks to F.O.A.M. members Jon Helfenstein, for the astounding legwork in collecting all these strips, and to Colin Smith, for sending me some of the color Sundays. Thanks fellas!

And we're not quite done yet! We have two more Batman daily newspaper strip-related posts for next weekend, sort of a post script to all this. And one of them involves yet another F.O.A.M. member!

So until then, enjoy the wrap-up, and click here for Part 15!


Fleerfan said...

Rob - thanks for running the strips and giving your readers a chance to see the story. It was great to see the Sunday strips from Colin that I had not been able to find to fill in the gaps - Jon H.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from me also, Rob. And to you, Jon, for finding these strips.

This has been fun!!