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Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Then I Dumped Jim For Aquaman"

This is an excerpt from the book Other People's Love Letters, by Bill Shapiro. As the title suggests, it's a collection of different people's real life love letters.

I was leafing through the book and saw this, with the word "Aquaman" jumping out at me. I'm not sure what the author means--presumably there was some hunky guy in her life who she nicknamed Aquaman--or maybe the whole thing is made up. I guess we'll never know.

There's more to the letter, but I chose to only post the Aquaman-related part since, even though the letters are in a book, for Neptune's sake, it felt like I was invading this woman's privacy if I ran all of it.

I hope her "Aquaman" came back...


Anonymous said...

"My blood is sad."

Poetry. Sheer poetry!


Damian said...

From what I'm getting here, she got what she deserved.
She went astray on this "Mart" fellow, and probably emotionally teased this "Miles" guy, who is almost certainly head-over-heels for her.
Cheating on "Mart," and teasing "Miles," she skips a beat and gets into things with Jim, only to drop him like a bad habit when some dude who is apparently better then a "delicious body" and ship wreck dives.

She misses Mart so much, wishes she never screwed things up with him, made him out to be what he wasn't but still can't even finish the note without throwing him under the bus again for this king of her seven seas.


Oh yeah, cool that you found that.

Any notes in there from women referring to some guy as the tiny titan, or the mighty mite? That would suck...

Damian said...

Wow, I was so wrapped up in the whole thing I didn't even make complete thoughts there.

Is this a Jean Loring letter?

Anonymous said...

But wait. She is actually giving Aquaman the myth a mighty big compliment.

He dives for shipwrecks and he has a delicious body, and he IS Aquaman. I wonder what all those intangibles include. Hmmm.