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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Black Manta Trading Card - 1989

This nifty, very-80s trading card is courtesy Atom-riffic F.O.A.M. member Damian Maffei. The art is from Black Manta's Who's Who page by Bill Willingham and Romeo Tanghal. The background is courtesy a pair of Zubas.

(I used that same joke over at the
Tiny Titan blog when Damian posted a similar card; those of you who visit his blog regularly try and laugh like you've never heard it before)

sgBonus! I was recently alerted to the existence of
Black Manta Rules, a blog featuring nothing but pics of everybody's favorite murderous undersea bad guy.

Some are goofy, some are insulting; all are funny. And the blog was nice enough to link to here under the title "Arch-Nemesis"!


Damian said...



Don't kid yourself, it's still funny over here.

And look how popular Manta is. He's got his own Zubas trading card, and people have websites dedicated to him.

You don't see a Chronos Rules blog, do ya?
Well, at least not until I start it...

Anonymous said...

Why thank yo...ummm...what we meant to say was...how dare you give us a rave review, with such words as "funny" and "blog". Know this, if the DC lawyers don't to get us first...you'll pay for your exceptional use of the English language.

You've been menanced,
Black Manta Rules

Diabolu Frank said...

You know, if I had any energy for such an effort, a Despero blog would rock socks. I think I'll stick with the one daily though, thanks. Besides, I can always evoke the Idol-Head if I want to get extra snarky.