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Monday, December 31, 2007

Surf & Turf #'s 6 & 7

I thought I'd wrap up 2007 with the last two issues of my imaginary Aquaman team-up title, Surf & Turf.

As I mentioned previously, my faux-storyline consisted of seven issues, each featuring Aquaman teaming up with a founding JLA member, concluding with him rejoining the team in the seventh issue(after that, the Sea King would be free to team-up with more unusual choices, like Sgt.Rock, Ultra the Multi Alien, and who knows maybe even Santa Claus!).

Using Jose Luis Garcia Lopez to do the Batman/Aquaman cover was a no-brainer, but finding the right JLA image was a tougher call. I had a hard time finding the kind of piece that would fit within the cover design I had already, and also have it not be by someone earlier chosen to do a cover, like Neal Adams, George Perez, and Alex Ross.

So when I realized I could repurpose a portion of Darwyn Cooke's brilliant New Frontier cover by moving some of them around and boosting Aquaman's presence a tad, I knew I had the bright, happy, ready-for-adventure cover I was looking for!

...so that wraps up 2007 as the Shrine heads into its third calendar year! I'm excited over some of the cool stuff we have in store, and if my 2008 is half as good as my 2007 was, it'll be a truly amazing year!

Be here tomorrow, when we present a team-up so titanic it will rock the worlds of two blogs!!


Siskoid said...


In other words, my heart skipped a bit when I saw a "new" New Frontier cover.

You torture me, sir.

And a happy new year to you! :)

Rick L. Phillips said...

A team-up that will rock the world of two blogs!! You have me curious.

Damian said...

Sweeeeeet job there!

And I look forward to what the new year brings us in Shrine world!

That New Frontier cover is pretty nice, too. We'll see how "new" it is...

Damian said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, those looks quite awesome! I really love that Batman cover. The New Frontier one is awesome too, but I just really like how the other one looks. I'm definitely looking forward to whatever goodies are awaiting the Shrine in the new year, especially this team up!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Rob! Happy New Year, and here's to an even better Aqua Year to come!!!