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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

JLA Sticker Sheet

sgThis cool JLA sticker sheet was sent to me by newest F.O.A.M. member Mark Campbell(man, we have more members than the Legion of Superheroes now!), featuring the World's Greatest Superheroes in a very Brady Bunch-esque design, with art by Howard Porter and John Dell, the art team on JLA at the time. Thanks Mark!

Just as a side note: I absolutely loved it when Plastic Man was in the JLA. He's one of DC's biggest stars(pop-culture-wise) and I always thought he belonged on the team.


Diabolu Frank said...

I've still got a wad of these in a box somewhere left over from what I passed out back when DC gave these to us as a shop promotion. I think that was around when they did the free overship of an issue early in the second year, probably the first half of the Promethius two-parter.

I'm fairly indifferent to Plastic Man in the modern League, but I confess it really bothers me when guys like Alex Ross try to retcon him or Captain Marvel into group shots of the early or Satellite Leagues. Ralph Dibney was their stretchy guy for thirty years before Eel O'Brien got a card, and Shazam! has yet to fully integrate into the DCU after three decades of effort. It's a lie! A LIE I TELL YOU!

Rick L. Phillips said...

I was glad to see Plastic man in the league as well. Still they can't seem to find anyone who knows what to do with him in his own solo series. It seems that only Jack Cole knew what to do with Plas.

Plaidstallions said...

I have these stickers all over my downstairs bathroom, I loved that series. As for Plas, he was terrific in the league, I agree that his solo efforts have been somewhat weak but he's a great team player.

Scurvy said...

Cool stickers! I love that our hero gets top billing over Supes even (!) but in the top row with he and Bats! Overall a terrific layout.

I am more of a Ralph Dibney fan too I must admit.

rob! said...

i liked Ralph just fine in the JLA, and no matter what ret-conning is done, it was HE who was a member of the original JLA, not Plas.

but even as a kid i wondered why Plas and Captain Marvel were not part of the JLA, since they were the cream of the crop of the DCU.

despite their relative lack of pop culture appearances in the last two decades, a lot of non-comic readers still know those two characters, amazing!

Anonymous said...

Cool stickers. Top row Aquaman, alright! Take THAT Wonder Woman!

Hey Rick, Ross may "retcon" them into group shots, but when he's actually telling stories, (with people like Mark Waid) he does a great job of making it a non-issue. Ralph had a much better part in Justice than Plas, after all.

You know, I never cared much for Zauriel. He's sort of a waste of a character. They should have just given poor Katar back his Silver Age origin and let him stay in the League.

Diabolu Frank said...

Howard Porter, who I generally like, was one of the worst Wonder Woman artists ev-ar! Makes sense they'd want to hide his depiction down a ways. His usually nice J'Onn J'Onzz wasn't present either. Orion, GL, Huntress, Bats and especially Steel are kickin' though. As for Zauriel, I seem to recall the evangelicals digging him back in the day, but for me, all meh.