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Thursday, December 27, 2007

DC Full-Page Ad - 1962

You didn't see too many non-Superman or Batman titles get the full-page ad treatment in the early sixties, but I guess DC decided it was worth it to group a bunch of them all together.

The art is all pulled from previously-published comics(Atom #1, Brave and the Bold #42, Aquaman #4, and...some Metal Men splash page, I guess), but it still makes for a nifty-looking ad, even if the Aquaman image makes no sense out of its context.


Rick L. Phillips said...

They should have used one where Aquaman and Aqualad came flying out of the water. Speaking of Aqualad they seem to have put his name on here like they almost forgot him. DC always did this with the kid sidekick like him and Robin. Since I was a kid myself at the time this always bugged me. Of course it was better then the treatment that the few kid sidekicks like Bucky or Rick Jones got at Marvel. Captain America & Hulk were always in the titles but no mention of Bucky or Rick. I'll get off my soapbox now.

Damian said...

Helluva grouping. I believe that's Aquaman and Lad doing the shimmy, shimmy, shake, shake if I'm not mistaken.

Imagine that... The Atom at newsstands.

Anonymous said...

Great ad! just a few years before I started collecting. So Nick Cardy on Aquaman, Joe kubert on Hawkman and I think Gil Kane on the Atom. Any idea who did the Metal men?


rob! said...

surely Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, since they were doing the book at the time!

Anonymous said...

That's gotta be who it is. I thought I recognized the style.


Scurvy said...

Looks like they are in the "Time Tunnel"

K.B. said...

Now that is exciting comics !!! Love it.