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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Batman Daily Newspaper Strip, Part 5 - 1968

sgThe fifth and final set(click here to see readable versions) of the Batman 1968 newspaper dailies co-starring Aquaman, courtesy F.O.A.M. member Jon Helfenstein.

These three strips feature the most Aqua-Content, as his participation in the story wraps up. Thanks Aquaman!

And thank you, Jon, for the unbelievable effort you put into getting the strips to me. I would've never even thought to look for these(and would've had no idea where to look even if I had)so you really earned your F.O.A.M. membership!

Post Script: Just a few days ago, Jon provided me with a complete set of dailies from the longer 1968 storyline featuring Aquaman in the Batman strip. Aquaman plays a much larger role in this story and I'm thrilled to get a chance to see--and put up here--this extraordinairily fun storyline.

There's so many dailies in this second batch that when I start running them, I'll be putting up seven strips per day. The fun starts next Saturday, December 22, and will run every Saturday and Sunday after that until its over. Be here, it'll be a whole bunch of awesome!


Anonymous said...

Only 150 miles an hour, heh, Arthur would hardly break a sweat. Cool stuff Rob, I'm looking forward to the next strip!

Damian said...

Yeah, look at the Bat-man making jokes.
Good times. I'm looking forward to dailies bonanza next Saturday!

Luke said...

These strips have been very fun to read. I still read one adventure strip (The Phantom), but it would be cool if there was still a market for more strips of this nature.