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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Batman Daily Newspaper Strip II, Part 1 - 1968

sgBatman and Aquaman are back--in newspapers, that is!

Today is the first day of the second set of Batman daily newspaper strips that featured Aquaman in a guest-starring role.

Like the last set, these were hunted down, collected, and sent to me by
F.O.A.M. member Jon Helfenstein, who deserves a knighthood or something for all the effort.

This second storyline is a lot longer, and also features Aquaman much more prominently, so we'll be running seven strips per day every Saturday and Sunday until we reach the exciting conclusion!

Click here to see Part 1!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Cool, Rob!

(Been reading some Christmas-set Gould TRACYs of late, & mourning the Great Lost American art of newspaper strips...)

The green Bat reminds me of this, which I JUST didn't get, as a kid:


(A simple screw-up, of course!)

Merriest to all,
-Craig W.