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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Arthur Curry, Plaid Stallion? - 1975

sgA few days ago F.O.A.M member and all around good guy Brian Heiler posted an interview he did with Detour magazine about his blog Plaid Stallions, all about nightmarish 70s fashion.

Anyway, when asked to list some of his "Must Check" sites or blogs, he generously listed my humble little shrine
: "Aquaman Shrine: I'm not a big comics guy, but this blog is just so well done. The blog's creator has five other comic related blogs I find myself reading for about a half-hour a day." Wow, thanks Brian!

So as a way to say thanks, I humbly submit the closest I think Aquaman ever got to being a Plaid Stallion: Justice League of America #122, in which Aquaman had to go undercover as his rarely-used civilian I.D. Arthur Curry in a tale involving the JLAers secret identities(this tale took place before they all revealed their IDs to each other).

Now, admittedly, Aquaman's suit isn't that crazy, especially for 1975-era fashions. But I do love the moustache! With that pencil-thin baby, he looks like:
A)a used-car salesman
B)an assassin on his way to Argentina to "put down a little flare-up"
C)a professional Art Fern impersonator

I think we can count on one hand the number of times Aquaman went anywhere as Arthur Curry, trying to pass as a member of the Surface World. During this adventure, he went as a Plaid Stallion!


Damian said...

I'm actually loving the aqua suit there.
He's hitting the streets as a civi, but he's keeping the color scheme.

So what the hell is Jordan wearing?

Plaidstallions said...

Wow, I've never seen this, that's hilarious how he keeps his colour scheme. Very Mego-esque.

rob! said...

where does one get an orange suit jacket?

Plaidstallions said...

It's a little known fact that AC was a commentator on "ABC's Wide World of Sports" for a while, they let him keep the jacket.

Anonymous said...

If you sniff close, you can actually smell the Brut...
(or is that Hai Karate?)

Happy Holidays,
-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's pretty good, but not as good as when he was under cover as C. King......

Ohh, and he is rocking that orange jacket.

Scurvy said...

I love the aforementioned retention of the color scheme!

He looks like he could almost be "Brick Mantooth's" stand in!
(yes I enjoy Plaid Stallions as well.