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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Super Dictionary, Part 5 - 1978

sgWe're overdue for another selection of fun definitions from the DC Comics Super Dictionary!

At top is a real FrankenPanel, what with the Mike Grell Aquaman dropped behind a new Joe Kubert drawing. You'll never see that again!

The bottom panel is more straightforward, with another panel from Grell doing the job and not needing much reworking.

Remember kids, "hooks are dangerous!"


Anonymous said...

"hooks are dangerous!"

Boy, Artie's philosophy sure would change in 16 years, wouldn't it?

An interesting tidbit about the dictionary. There are several "ethnic" characters in this book that seemed to be made up for it to make DC seem more progressive and equal opportunity. I just assumed they were made up for this book. According to the latest BackIssue! magazine (#24), at least some were created for use with a DC educational comics that were distributed to schools a few years before. The African-Amercian sorceress Conjura came from these comics, called Super A and other Super alphabet names.


rob! said...

>>Boy, Artie's philosophy sure would change in 16 years, wouldn't it?<<

i'm ashamed to say that angle had completely slipped my mind.

yes, arthur would change his mind about hooks, switching his trepidation over them to scissors and a razor.

chunky B said...

Okay, for a moment there in the first panel I thought this was some sort of really poor scripted super hero porn from the 70's or something, especially the way Arthur is playing it cool in the background.

Anonymous said...

Grell got ribbed for that drawing of Aquaman. That panel is from his first for DC (Adventure Comics #435, OCt. 1974). The following is from an Mike Grell interview that appeared in Comic Book Artist #8.

CBA: Your first job was an Aquaman story in Adventure Comics. Was there any reaction to it when you delivered the job?
MIKE: Yeah, as a matter of fact, Joe Orlando took one look at the first page and shook his head and said, "You can't do this anymore." I said, "What anymore?" He said, "You've got Aquaman mooning the reader."
CBA: Oh, I remember that now! The swimming?
MIKE: Right. It never dawned on me. I'd done another panel of Aquaman sitting on the throne and it made it look like he was sitting on a toilet. [Laughter] Between Joe and Julie [Schwartz], I became known as the who drew Aquaman on the toilet.