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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Smallville Magazine #20 Article - 2007


As promised, here's the article on Alan Ritchson as Aquaman that appeared in Smallville Magazine #20.

After so many years of Aquaman being the only Super Friend never translated into live action, it's taking me a while to process that I'm seeing a real live person playing my hero. Don't get me wrong--I love it--but growing up I was so used to Christopher Reeve, Adam West, and Lynda Carter that its still feels strange to see the word "Aquaman" in this context.

here to see a super-big, readable version of the article!


Anonymous said...

What's really weird/great/unbelievable, is that TWO guys have now portrayed the Sea King in live action shows. Who would have ever thought that that would be possible???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and while I LOVED the fellow who played him in his pilot, I wasn't that big a fan of Ritchson. He didn't do a bad job, but I thought...Justin, right? I thought he did a much better job. It sort of made me sad that he has to stay as Green Arrow on the show and not Aquaman.

Diabolu Frank said...

Three, if you count Adrian Grenier.

I much prefer the kid from "Mercy Reef," but that's just a relative thing. This guy has little-to-no charisma from the little I've seen, and his nose spoils any resemblance to the character.