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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

King Shark Heroclix - 2007

sgSince Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis has wrapped up and we've been talking about it almost every day since, I figured why not go through the rest of the SOA material I've got; it might be all we ever get!

This is the King Shark Heroclix figure, and like I've said before about any human/shark hybrid, this very concept scares me to death. A shark is frightening enough, but one that could then chase you up on land is too terrifying for me to contemplate(even though he is ostensibly a "good guy", I still don't think I'd slather myself with A-1 sauce anywhere near him, just in case).

King Shark's best moment had to be in SOA #53, where he actually attempts to bite Black Manta's head off. See? Terrifying!


Anonymous said...

King Shark is a good utility villain. My son has the King Shark figure from the DC Super Heroes 2-pack with KS and Surfer Superboy. He often takes KS and one of his Aquamen in the tub.

Walking shark guy=perfect villain to a 5-year old.


Michael Jones said...

If he gives up the villainy business, he could always deliver Candygrams.