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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Batman Sunday Newspaper Strip - 1968

sgI found this rare piece on ebay a while back and kept waiting for the right Sunday to come around to post it. I still find it amazing anyone ever thought to clip out newspaper comics and try to hold onto them. And considering how fragile newsprint is, I can't believe any of them managed to survive.

This was the Sunday edition of the Batman comic strip that started in 1966, obviously as part of the massive merchandising juggernaut that followed the TV show. It was written by Whit Ellsworth and drawn by Al Plastino. And even though their names are on the strip(fifth panel), Bob Kane still managed to sign his name to it!

Since I've never seen the dailies that preceeded or followed this, I don't know how much Aquaman was involved in the storyline, but its a pleasant surprise he was included at all!

here to see a super-big, readable version)


Rick L. Phillips said...

I am so glad that you showed this. I barely remember these strips from the 60's. Actually I just remember the ad for the strip in the local paper. I have hoped to find a site where they have the whole series. Thanks again for the look back.

Anonymous said...


There's actually a fair amount of "gold/silver age" newstrip collecting out there; I think clipping & saving was not all that rare, esp. in Depression days. My Grandma used to save Dailys that she liked.

(And thank God there were folks like that - per usual with the Corporate types, sometimes these are the only copies that survive for reprinting!)

You see Sundays - whole Sections, on occasion - at Flea Markets here in NYC once in a while. And a big honkin', well-printed, Chet Gould, Alex Raymond, or Burne Hogarth spread is a bee-ootiful t'ing!

-Craig W.

Plaidstallions said...

Somewhere at my folks place is a huge pile of "World's Greatest Superheroes" strips from the late seventies featuring Aquaman. If I find them, I'll share.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think I have the some of this storyline. Three days of daily strips. They're being framed now but, when I get them back I'll scan them and send them to you.
C Healy

rob! said...


wow, that's awesome! i would *love* that, thanks!