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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aquaman "Legacy" Card - 2007

sgDC has a new series of trading cards out, called the Legacy series, where on one side you have a Golden or Silver Age shot of the character, and on the other a more recent one(with the older one done in one color in the background, a nice touch).

There's only four cards in a pack, and at $3.99 a shot that's a buck a card, pretty pricey. I bought the first few packs hoping for whatever Aqua-characters there were, and right out of the gate I got an Aqualad/Tempest!

After doing a little research I learned that there was just Aquaman and Aqualad(no villains, unfortunately), so I was determined to keep buying them until I had both.

Luckily, it didn't take long, and just a few packs later I got the one I wanted the most! It's a nice looking card, though I wonder why the "recent" shot of Aquaman is from Aquaman(Vol. whatever) #12, when soon after he donned a "new" suit more reminiscient of his classic look.

There's apparently some sub-set featuring historic covers, and Aquaman(first series) #1 is one of them. I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to keep buying the cards to get it, or try to trade it with someone else for all the other cards I have now but don't care about. Anybody out there got it? I got a whole bunch of Legacy cards goin' cheap!


Diabolu Frank said...

I'm afraid there's a lot more Aquaman where that came from. Katie Cook produced cards for Arthur and Garth you can link to from my Diabolu post, and there's more featured here: http://www.scifihobby.com/products/dccomics/legacy/

A Garth sketch card here:

A really swell Aquaman here:

Regular, bedraggled, and sidekicked here:

eBay auction for Bob McLeod Aqualad (only $2) here:

ditto Al Bigley, but pricier:

50 card base set for the cost of a pack:

Complete checklist here:

Siskoid said...

Looks like you've got work to do, Rob!

chunky B said...

Those are some sweet looking cards, but you're right a buck a card! That has to be disapointing to only get four in a pack.

rob! said...

i didnt list the sketch cards because A)most of them are going for OUTRAEGOUS prices on ebay and i have no plans to buy them, and B)a lot of them, are, frankly, pretty crappy--they look like fan art, and not good fan art at that.

i actually a got a Batwoman sketch card in a pack, maybe is worth some $$$!

Plaidstallions said...

Why is modern Aquaman wearing Zubas?

Diabolu Frank said...

Check out that Bob McLeod Aqualad, though. It was cheap at the time and very nice. Plus, y'know, I've actually heard of Bob McLeod. He used to be among an old customer of mine's favorite Spider-Man artists...