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Friday, October 12, 2007

1st Anniversary Week, Part 5: Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist - 1997

After analyzing my favorite Aquaman sequence, page, and panel in the last few days, there was really no place to go today unless I talked about "My Favorite Aquaman Panel Border." So I thought this would be a good change of pace.

This is one of my favorite jokes at my hero's expense--Dave Chapelle's hilarious routine on Aquaman(and other DC heroes) from his appearance on Comedy Central's Dr.Katz, Professional Therapist in a 1997 episode:

Yeah, it's a variation on the "Aquaman has lame powers" cliche, which is tiresome in the extreme, but I thought Chapelle's angle on it is hilarious.

As to his rhetorical question, "Who would choose 'C'?"...well, I would, Dave...


Rick L. Phillips said...

This was funny but you could tell he had not read any recent comics. By the 90's Batman was fighting crime in the housing projects. Also, as you have showed on this site and in the comics that I have read alot of crime does happen at sea that alot of heroes are ill-equiped to stop. Only Aquaman can be there on time to stop them.

rob! said...

well, Dave is obviously recalling comics from his childhood, since they had those type of "what heroes do you like? what kind of comics would you like to read?" back in the 60s, when he wouldve been a kid.

since each comedian only got like 1-2 minutes of material in a show, i was thrilled he picked this bit to do on the show and have it animated and everything!

chunky B said...

I forgot about that skit, love the fish "Hi, Aquaman"

It' always fun to see your heroes in other forms of entertainment.

Plaidstallions said...

I love this bit and to this day do that "Hello Aquaman" thing with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Rob, since you did your favorite sequence, page, and panel, don't you think you should mention your favorite cover? Or is that coming tomorrow?

rob! said...

well...i did a whole week of my favorite covers back in May:

...so i didnt feel the need to add to that, tho maybe i should.

tomorrow's post--for the first day of Year Two--is one of my Aquaman Holy Grails, now finally mine!! bwa-ha-ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

If it's not original art, I've got two items in mind that your grail might be. One would be very cool. The other would make me really, really jealous.

Don't make me hate you, Rob! :-)

rob! said...

its one of the items that was on my "Holy Grail Week" back in December, when i asked Santa for one--or all--of 'em:


don't hate me anyway, vince!