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Monday, October 08, 2007

1st Anniversary Week, Part 1: JLA Pin-Up - 1976

sgWelcome to our 1st Anniversary Week here at the Aquaman Shrine!

I started this humble little blog on a quiet Friday night, October 13, 2006. Little I did I guess that it would become so popular, with readers all over the world, get mentioned in Entertainment Weekly, and be the catalyst to me meeting some wonderful people, both in and out of the comics biz. The Shrine has come to mean so much to me that it seems like I've always been doing it; I guess in my head, I have.

Anyway, if you will indulge me(I mean, even more), all this week I will presenting Aqua-related things that I love--little bits here and there that have come to symbolize the character to me over the years. It will culminate on Saturday, October 13, with an AquaItem that was, up until last week, on my list of Holy Grails. Yes, I have it now, and oh, it will be sweet.

For today, I wanted to find something celebratory, so I pulled out this fun pin-up of the JLA getting together in their satellite(click
here to see a super-big version) from Limited Collectors' Edition #C46, art by Terry Austin and Dick Giordano.

I can't tell if the JLA is having a party, exactly, but everybody looks pretty happy, and there few non-members attenting(Adam Strange, Metamorpho, Zatanna, who was still a few years away from joining), and I don't think they usually served refreshments at world-shattering mission meetings. (Although the paper Aquaman, Black Canary, and Batman are looking at is labeled "Top Secret"...though we all know how Bruce is)

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy our 1st Anniversary week, I know I will!


Rick L. Phillips said...

Happy anniversary Rob. I use to have this book and loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob - Happy 1st Anniversary! You have done a great job with the Shrine, and I know I speak for all us Aqua-fans when I say THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Rob! I look forward to visiting the shrine every day, and learning more, and seeing more about our favortie Sea King. Before this blog, I considered myself an Aquaman fan, but now I have a whole new appreciation of Arthur, and I can't think of him without thinking of this great place!


Siskoid said...

Congrats! You're one of my daily morning stops, whether I have time to comment or not.

Keep swimming.

Anonymous said...

BIG congrats, & thanks for the fun & fellowship, Rob!

This - and "this" means the whole RK Conglomeration of sites - is one of the coolest-looking (what are you, an artist or sumpin?), best-run corners of cyber-ville.

Long may it wave.
-Craig W.

chunky B said...

Congratulations, the Aquaman Shrine is a daily stop of mine and has really renewed my interest in the character, plus it was an inspiration to start blogging myself! As with all of Rob's blogs it's a jewel out there on the web, what it should be all about!

Viva La Shrine!

rob! said...

you are guys are makin' my day!

>>plus it was an inspiration to start blogging myself!<<

"if this bozo can do it, then i surely can!" :)

Anonymous said...

Howdy Rob, congratulations man! I too love the Shrine, and it is definitely a daily stop of mine. I was an Aquaman fan, but you've helped turn him into one of my top two characters!

Plaidstallions said...

Congrats Rob, You've filled many voids on the web for a lot of people, that's a great achievment.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Rob! I, too, make The Shrine a daily visit, not only for the fun stuff I get to see, but also for the sense of camaraderie. You have created a wonderful little corner of the internet, and I thank you for it.

Luke said...

Congratulations on the anniversary. It's easy to start blogging, but it is much harder to keep blogging. Keep up the great work and the bevy of awesome Aquaswag!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Rob. I always enjoy seeing what you've posted about Aquaman every day. Good to see him get the respect he deserves here. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. Your blog is fun for any reader of 70's era DC to read - whether a particular Aqua-fan or not. Your commentary almost always gives me a laugh (in a good way - and usually intentional).

rob! said...

USUALLY intentional? :)

and thanks for mentioning about being an AquaFan or not. one of my goals is to hopefully be a good and/or interesting enough writer to make the blog interesting to even those who havent yet realized Aquaman is THE GREATEST HERO EVER.

Diabolu Frank said...

Nifty! And congratulations! I hadn't figured you'd only been at it a year. I'm already at 1/12th your record. ;)

Y'know, that considered, I ought to go back and start reading from the beginning. I've only missed at most a couple hundred posts...

Tommy! said...

Hey Rob,

Congratulations on your anniversary!!

The blog ALWAYS looks really great & the vintage toys are my favorite.

Keep up the good work!!