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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Entertainment Weekly Article - 2005


article about Aquaman in Entertainment Weekly, this one's angle being how he doesn't get much respect, and how he's ragged on in Entourage and the "upcoming" The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

I didn't think Entourage was all that hard on the character, and as it turned out, the Aquaman references in Virgin were downright sweet, so I think this piece is off the mark a little. It does has a more derisive tone than other Aquaman-related pieces in EW, but I remember at the time still being glad he's getting this much exposure in a major magazine like this. You don't see articles on The Atom in Popular Science, now do you?

here to Apache Chief the article)


Rick L. Phillips said...

He is also mentioned in the movie Unacompanied Minors. The big kid is a fan and he uses Aquaman as inspiration.

Diabolu Frank said...

I was wondering why so much Aquaman merchandising had popped up in recent years, but then, I still can't explain Hal Jordan shirts being sold at Target.

The fact is, Aquaman is easily among the best known super-heroes in the world. As Levitz noted, that in itself should be a source of pride. Really, it would only take one quality creator who "gets" the character to get people on board. At some point, folks need to recognize that the Steve Skeates model was a failure in the 70's, and revisiting variations on it for thirty years just further hammers that point home.

My fame/popularity ranking (from the hip...)

1) Superman (includes Superboy)
2) Batman
3) Spider-Man
4) Robin
5) Wonder Woman
6) The Incredible Hulk
7) Wolverine
8) Supergirl
9) Aquaman