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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Canadian 7-11 Slurpee Cup - 1974

sgThis is the Canadian version of 7-11's superhero Slurpee cups that filled stores in the early to mid-70s.

It's obviously the same use of a stock pose from the
American version, except for some the reason the logo and background element have been removed, and there have been some minor art adjustments.

Man, Slurpees were a lot smaller back then.


Scurvy said...

The colors on these are perfect tho. Eyepopping! The 'moon glasses' didn't quite capture that imo, but I still use mine everyday.

Plaidstallions said...

I always find Aquaman, never any others, in fact one flea market vendor local to me had dozens of him.

Anonymous said...

>Man, Slurpees were a lot smaller back then.<

As were American kids. Q.E.D.

rob! said...

>>>Man, Slurpees were a lot smaller back then.<

As were American kids. Q.E.D.<<


Anonymous said...

>>>Man, Slurpees were a lot smaller back then.<<<

>>As were American kids. Q.E.D.<<


"...I think not..."

(And the real evil part is, I read an article about "Super-Sizing" once: in all the tons of polling corporations do, basically NO ONE had asked for "bigger portions." It's purely a top-down, bait 'em, hook 'em, & fleece 'em racket!)

chunky B said...

...and what's the deal with "do you want two apple pies for a dollar?" question, I feel like telling them I can't even choke down those greasy fries, let alone one apple pie, why would I want two?

Oh, and, nice cup Rob! I'm wishing these things were in stores now. Mmmmmm, a slurpee in a super hero cup! Nothing says summer better!

Diabolu Frank said...

If I were a real man, I'd make a point of going out there and buying every one of those cups. I own not a one, but I love them all! Such perfectly chosen super-hero representation. So much merch art these days is so damned UGLY!

Rick L. Phillips said...

The drinks certainly are bigger then back then. These days if I order a drink I have to order a small or medium. A large is big enough to swim in.