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Monday, August 06, 2007

SuperHeroes Punch•O•Ball - 1973

sgOk, I'm just going to get this out of the way right now--my first reaction to seeing a photo of this item on ebay, with its attendant tubes(not pictured here), was not good. "Oh, no", I thought, "Super Friends Enema Kit."

Luckily, a second, more detailed examination revealed that some merchandiser had not gone insane and it was just an uninflated rubber ball, festooned with 4/5ths of the Super Friends. Where's the love for the Amazon Princess?

The Aquaman and Batman art are classic stock shots, the Superman one I know I've seen before but can't quite place it. Too bad the manufacturer only sprang for two colors!

Shamless Plug Dept: Normally I don't cross-promote my other blogs, but its a special occasion: over on today's Digest Comics, I've got that blog's very first interview with Best of DC editor (and writer/co-creator of E-Man!) Nick Cuti, who was a very fun and generous soul, so please go check it out!


Anonymous said...

I remember getting these at Convenient Food Mart, along with a cheery Icee. Ah, good times.


Anonymous said...

The Superman is old (circa 1950) stock Wayne Boring art. That particular piece was used about a billion times in the late 40s & throughout the 50s for licensing and inhouse advertising.


Plaidstallions said...

I love that stock art, automatically shoots me back to grade school.

Damian said...

Seriously, what the hell is this?

Why don't I have cool stuff...