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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sippy Cup - 1999

sgOne of the weirder-looking items of the collection; you can drink your water, Juicy Juice, or perhaps whiskey right out of Aquaman's back!

This was sold at Great Adventure amid all the other Pirate Aquaman bric-a-brac, and it's probably my favorite of 'em all. The scultping is nice and its a really fun idea for a piece of merchandise.

Of course, I'd kill to see this same item but with classic Aquaman...


Anonymous said...

I wonder why so much of the BLL Aquaman merchandise has him with gold/yellow armor instead of the correct silver/gray? I know their was the gold variant of the Total Justice figure. Did it start that?

I have the Flash cup like this. Flash looks pretty Wieringo-like, even.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom still has these I believe.


Plaidstallions said...

This cup makes me uncomfortable.

I was in my comic store yesterday discussing Aquaman with the clerk who I usually like. His big gripe was " When they got rid of the cool hook and beard". Needless to say, we're doing pistols at dawn...

Doug Slack said...

That thing looks like it was designed by David Cronenberg.