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Saturday, August 11, 2007

OverPower Card - Into The Depths #1 - "AquaAttack!"

sg(Forgive any errors I might commit in writing this post, since my ignorance towards these card/RPG games is obvious.)

This is the first card of seven in a series called "Into the Depths" from OverPower, telling a sort of complete story I guess, which I have to admit is a pretty neat idea. The art for the card is uncredited, which seems to be the standard for these card games.

As you can see, this set features a team-up between Aquaman and Batman, and as the back of the card states: "The murderous Killer Croc and his gang are hiding out on Gotham Harbor. Hot lead sears the chill night air as Batman and Aquaman arrive to bring them to justice."

To be continued tomorrow!


Diabolu Frank said...

It's been years since I played, but as I recall, the mission cards were essentially betting chips. You'd start a hand with a complete mission in the center, then bet 1 or 2 cards before drawing. I think for each mission card you bet after two, you were penalized a draw card. At the end of a round, whoever had the most points moved their cards up, and the loser pulled theirs down. One method of winning was to "complete" your mission of seven cards, or if your opponent lost all theirs. You could also redeem lost mission cards in a similar manner.

rob! said...

wow, thats a lot to remember. its prob a good thing i never got into these games, otherwise i probably wouldve lost all my cards in about five minutes of play and walked away bitter and broke.

thanks for the info!