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Monday, July 16, 2007

View-Master "Good Guys Gift Pak" - 1978


Ah, View-Masters--as an essential element of a generation's childhood as Saturday morning cartoons, Star Wars, and Watergate. I had lots of those little paper disks that told a story in fourteen panels, as did a lot of people reading this, I bet.

I had never seen this little beauty before, but when I saw it on ebay I snapped it up. It's that classic "Super Friends + Shazam!" merchandising line-up, with Aquaman either swimming upstream or signaling a field goal.

This "Good Guys Gift Pak" auction didn't come with any disks, but it did come with a fun booklet, which we'll see tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

I had that! I still have several of the disks, including a few Aquaman ones.

That redrawn art is something you wouldn't see nowadays. And toy packaging is far worse for it.


Anonymous said...

I rememember saving and saving in order to buy the one that I saw at Target, and then when I went to see if it was still there, it was on Clearance, and I bought it! I used to keep all my Aquaman goodies in it until my collection got too big. I don't know whatever happened to it....I think my parents must have thrown it out when I moved to Japan. :-(

Anonymous said...

From here, Superman looks to be touched by the pen of...Vince Colletta!!! Dum-dum-DUM!!!


Eric said...

Is that Steve Martin as Aquaman, or a middle-aged Aquaman?

Rev. O.J. Flow said...

Nice! I had that when I was a kid!

Rob, did you see this??

rob! said...

yep, i am SO getting that set!

Anonymous said...

Neat. Childhood nostalga rush when I saw that package. Pretty sure I had that one. Is it the one where the Marvel Family fights Black Adam in a [very] loosely adapted version of Marvel Family #1? Thanks for restoring that memory. Sam