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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Stock Art Illustration by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez - 1984


This is part of another whole bunch of way-cool stock art I have by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, as usual it's beautifully designed, solid and clean.

These heroes never look more regal and legendary than they do under Lopez's hand, and even though I never saw this piece on any actual merchandise, I did see it a lot filling space on DC Comics' lettercols at the time.


Dixon said...

You're right, Rob. Wow. This is beautiful stuff. These heroes have never looked more graceful. I love the sense of fluid continuity granted to the piece by the positioning of the characters.

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

These are four of the five heroes who formed the "Smallville" version of the Justice League. I mention it only because it's a combo never seen in comics that I know of.