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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sketch by Sean Tiffany - 2007


I love this piece!

This cool portrait of my hero was done by my pal and fellow Kubert School survivor, Sean Tiffany. Sean was my first roommate at Kubert, and within a few minutes of seeing his work for the first time I realized it was going to be a looong three years for me. Sean's work was sharp and distinctive, and it only grew moreso over our tour there.

Now both he and I are full-time freelance illustrators, and it's great being able to talk to someone I've known for so long, now having a lot of the same experiences I'm having, on the opposite end of the country.

Sean kept fiddling with this piece and sending me new versions, until he finally settled on the one you see above, which I just love--it should be the key promo art for Aquaman: The Animated Series. And then Sean did himself one better, by doing this version!

Check out more of Sean's cool stuff at his website.


Anonymous said...

That IS cool! I agree with you that Aquaman would be great in a new animated series. Why don't the majority of people get it???

chunky B said...

That is a beautiful piece. That would be a great Animated Aquaman!

Damian said...

That is such an awesome piece. I'm enjoying the fish.

Maybe Ray can guest star on said series.