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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Minimates by DC Direct - 2007

sgI don't get Minimates. I don't know why they're popular. I think they're hideous. To me, they look like evil, Mirror Universe/evil duplicate versions of Legos, who are friendly and happy in their blocky goodness.

The painted-on musculature just looks grotesque to me, and as bad as Aquaman and Ocean Master look here(this might be the first ever Orm action figure, btw), the women characters look worse. Look at poor, poor Wonder Woman--bravely looking happy, holding back the tears. She is truly a wonder woman.

And yet, when my pals at
All Things Fun handed this to me, having ordered it without asking me because they knew I would want it, I didn't even bat an eye before purchasing it. What does that say about me?


Rick L. Phillips said...

I know what you mean. I think those things look a little odd too.

Scurvy said...

I thought they WERE legos. Shows what I know. I'd buy it too without thought tho, so you ain't alone there.

Siskoid said...

I says you're an Aquaman fan through and through, that's all.

After all, how much "pirate Aquaman" merchandise do you own?

Anonymous said...

You guys are harsh on the mini-mates! My kid and I both like them. My on-line buddy Matt "Iron-Cow" Cauly designs some of these. I think the attention to detail on them is quite nice. A lot of the figures come with removable masks and extra hair, etc.

But to each his own!


rob! said...

dont get me wrong, Chris--i can see why kids would dig them, and i'm glad DC does them.

its just the very thick inklines and frowny faces on the very cartoony bodies that make me just shake my head. i like my heroes happy looking, like the DC Direct Pocket Heroes! :)

i'm sure Ironcow does a fine job, its the overall concept i think is weird. as MM go, i'd say the Orm one isn't bad.

this set does deserve credit, tho, since this is the first ever Ocean Master action figure!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Rob; I much prefer the Pocket Super Heroes figures. My main gripe with the MM is that they have no noses!

Eric said...

I stood in a SunCoast store while my wife shopped for someone's birthday present, staring at the Ted Kord/Booster Gold two-pack for a long time, thinking, "Do I want this? Do I REALLY want this?"

The answer was eventually, no. But it was a close one.

Luke said...

I like the Mini-Mates, but I was a fan of "superdeformed"-style Godzilla toys long before they ever saw the light of day, so that is unsurprising. I really want that Aquaman-Ocean Master set!