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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hostess Ad - "That Dirty Beach!"


Yesterday's Hostess ad prompted this comment from F.O.A.M.er Craig Wichman: "
Do you have the Hostess ad titled, 'That Dirty Beach?' (TELL me the writer didn't know what he was doing...!)"

Ask and ye shall receive, Craig!

On a side note, Aquaman dabbles in some trash-talking in this ad("Two wrongs don't make a right--now try my right on for size!"), which is unusual for Arthur. Fortunately, it all ends well with him, the alien guy, and the surface dweller all sharing some delicious Hostess Twinkies at the end.
Earth is saved!


Luke said...

That is an incredibly deep Hostess ad. I could see that spinning into a 6 part saga nowadays, then being collected in hardcover and so on. Great find!

Jeremy Rizza said...

Is it wrong that I think Slud-Jax is kind of a cool character design, and ought to be revived for modern-day comics? (To be fair, though, I was also quite enchanted by Cooky LaMoo.)