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Thursday, June 07, 2007

DC Comics April 1978 Calendar Page


I've been waiting for a good time to post this, the Aquaman entry for DC's 1978 "Super-Spectacular Disasters" calendar, so why not now?

This is of course Jim Aparo doing the honors, with Aquaman taking on a villain that, come to think of it, you'd think would lend himself perfectly to fighting more often--the Weather Wizard. Hey, Arthur pretty much poached The Shark away from Green Lantern, I'm sure Barry wouldn't mind losing one of his Rogues Gallery--he's got some to spare!


Anonymous said...

Do you know/remember that Aquaman actually did fight The Weather Wizard? It was in one of the last issues of Adventure Comics that featured Arthur before he returned to his own series. I remember it was a fun story with awesome Aparo art.

chunky B said...

Okay, not only is the guy in the foreground drowning he's being electrocuted by lightning... talk about a bad day! You know the Weather Wizard really makes sense as an Aquaman Rogue.

Dixon said...

You're right, Russell. The issue was Adventure Comics #450 from March of 1977--"The Watery War of the Weather Wizard." Ever since I first saw that issue's exciting cover I've been wanting to read it.

I love the Flash and, naturally, I love his Rogues Gallery every bit as much. I always enjoy seeing the Rogues pop up in unexpected places, especially when they're facing some of DC's other great heroes. I suppose the Flash could let Arthur beat up Mark Mardon once in a while, as long as he's back in Central City in time for the weekly Rogues meeting.