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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Aquagirl Top Trumps Card - 2006

sgCourtesy long-time-commenter, first-time F.O.A.M. member Brian Dixon (he of Crimson Lightning, the super-cool Flash site), comes this beauty of a game card, featuring an absolutely gorgeous(though uncredited!) painting of Lorena, aka the new Aquagirl. Its part of a series of DC Super Heroes cards for Top Trumps, a children's card game that's been popular in the UK since the early 1970s, Brian tells me.

Like all of the other card games out now, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with these things, but I don't care--it's just a beautiful piece to look at. Jeez, this should've been a comic cover at some point(its images like this that make me think DC, if they were so set on bringing out a new Aquaman, could've scrapped the whole Sword of Atlantis thing and made Lorena the new Aqua"man").

Brian generously sent a long a few more cards featuring members of the AquaFamily, which we'll see in the future. But for now let's enjoy this--and thanks again, Brian!


Louie Joyce said...

Ah, i totally want one! Lorena's great.

Does anyone else think she looks a little like Tula in this picture?

Tegan said...

That is Tula's outfit, not Lorena's. In fact, that's pretty much Tula. But it's still gorgeous. I wish I had all the top trump Aqua-cards. I got some Doctor Who Top Trumps and ought to figure out the game one of these days.

Anonymous said...

The darker complexion made me think Lorena at first, but the costume is totally Tula. Confusing.

Anonymous said...

Hrmmm... Maybe the card is hard to find cause it's from one of them alternate Earths, and this isn't Lorena OR Tula, but is in fact the Aquagirl from that world, Turena!

I think it is cool, regardless. Never heard of these "Top Trump" cards from the UK, but definitely will be on the lookout for them!

Dixon said...

It brings me great pride to be, at long last, an official member of F.O.A.M. You're very welcome, Rob. Thanks again for all of the fun you deliver to comic fans via the Shrine.

Top Trumps is a relatively simple game--think War, but with choice and fancy pictures--and they create endless lines of collectible cards. In 2006 they produced at least two decks of "DC Super Heroes" cards. As Rob noted, they boast some beautiful painted artwork.

Unknown said...

Hey Rob, on my recent trip to the UK I got the two DC Top Trumps decks (as well as Marvel and Dr. Who decks too) and I just wanted to let you know, the other cards you might be interested in are Ocean Master, Black Manta, and some guy named Aquaman. Let me know if you need scans. Site looks great!

rob! said...


thanks for the offer!

brian has also generously given me the other cards in the AquaFamily, and they'll be up here before too long!