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Monday, May 07, 2007

Flash Card Game by Russell's Mfg. - 1977


I found this weird little card game last week--it's one of those things you never knew existed until you stumble across it (virtually, that is) on ebay.

First off, why a Flash card game? Since it also features other members of the JLA, why not call it a Justice League card game and help sell a few more? And why does it feature only the less famous members of the team; Flash, Aquaman, GL, GA, and Hawkman? You'd think, maybe they couldn't get the rights to use Superman or Batman--but then there's the "S" shield on the back of all the cards!
And why only one Hawkman card? Who made this thing, Abra Kadabra?

Obviously, the art for the cards are all swipes--the card box is Neal Adams' classic Flash pose, the Green Lantern running and Green Arrow firing shots are part of their title logos, both by Gil Kane, I think. Aquaman swimming is his classic stock art pose, and many of the others are lifted from Dick Giordano's cover to Limited Collectors' Edition #C46, the JLA treasury. Only the #10 Aquaman pose and #2 Flash don't ring any bells.


Anonymous said...

There were 5 card sets made, this Flash one, Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Shazam! Superman's card feature Superman characters, Batman and Robin's sets feature Batman characters, Shazam features Marvel Family characters (although no Mary and Jr for some reason) and Wonder Woman features her, Steve Trevor, Diana Prince and other DC females (Batgirl, Supergirl, Lois Lane, etc.) So I guess they though the Flash set was the best place to dump the other Leaguers. I had these as a kid, and found them again on ebay a few years back.

I was actually getting ready to send you the Aquaman cards! Glad to see you have them!


Plaidstallions said...

I got this game in a variety store find back in the eighties, along with several MOC mego figures.
Despite moving 10 times since then and dumping several collections, these cards still somehow pop up in my house!

rob! said...

i figured one of you guys would know what this was!

>> There were 5 card sets made, this Flash one, Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Shazam!<<

doesnt the choice of a Flash game, and not an Aquaman one, seem strange? and not just cause i'd rather have an Aquaman one, but the 70s merchandising formula was usually
Wonder Woman
Aquaman and/or Shazam!

in that order. how did Aquaman lose his spot and Flash take it? it wasnt like there was a Flash cartoon on or anything...

Anonymous said...

Somebody somewhere loved The Barry!

It's like the '60's JLA lp, where his over-sized graphic lords it over everyone else!