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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Filmation Ad - 1969


I had forgotten all about this half-page ad that ran in various DC Comics at the end of 1968/beginning of 1969 until F.O.A.M. member Craig Wichman sent me a scan. Thanks Craig!

Originally, it was The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, until someone at Filmation woke up and realized, you know, maybe Batman would be more popular than Aquaman(you know how those crazy TV execs are!), so Aquaman got bumped to Sundays. But as you can see, they were still promoting it just as heavily.

We definitely have Filmation to thank for keeping Aquaman's presence in pop culture high, high enough that he got tapped just a few years later to be part of H-B's The Super Friends, which of course really cemented him in the minds of several generations of kids.

I salute Filmation with a big bowl of Saturday Morning-style sugary cereal! Thanks Filmation! *Crunch*


Siskoid said...

And I think for the next generation, Eddie Murphy must've been responsible for keeping Aquaman in th zeitgeist.

Weird but true.

rob! said...

Murphy mentioned him in his stand-up, right?

hmmm...Chris Rock did, too (TWICE in one special), and Snoop Dogg has said one of his heroes is/was Aquaman...does the King of the Seven Seas have a particular fan base in the african-american community?

Anonymous said...

that hilarious chris rock special was on last night. i first saw it, bigger and blacker, in a small apartment somewhere outside philly. talking about christopher reeves, he said "superman can't walk. that ain't right. superman can't walk. what next, aquaman drowns in the tub?" -ds

rob! said...

yep, that was it. then later on, he talks about someone being called a hero (i dont remember who), which Rock disagrees with, saying "[blank] aint a hero! AQUAMAN'S A HERO!"


Rick L. Phillips said...

I remember the Superman/Aquaman hour and later having it changed to Superman/Batman. I don't remember them showing Aquaman on Sundays in my area. Maybe it was on and I was at church. I guess I could have taped it. Oops! I couldn't have taped it as the VCR wasn't invented back then. Well maybe I will see them on Cartoon Network someday.

rob! said...


no fear! they're planned to hit DVD sometime this year!

Anonymous said...


Yer welcome.

With Rick, I remember that stuff Back in the Day...

The Supes show was a big deal, as the George Reeves hadn't been syndicated in our market for years. Plus, it was my intro to Bud Collyer's portrayal of the man in the tights, which is still one of my favorites!