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Monday, May 21, 2007

The ComicMobile!

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As I mentioned yesterday, this indeed is the ComicMobile, a pilot program DC tried out where they drove a van around, stuffed with comics(DCs only), and sold them directly to people in their own neighborhoods. Apparently part of the idea was to talk to the fans directly(in the days before profanity-laden message boards) and get their feedback. I don't know about you, but the mind reels at the concept of someone driving down my street, selling comics (this photo comes from the same place as yesterday's blurb, The Amazing World of DC Comics #2).

When you hear about this thing after the fact, the whole idea of course sounds completely insane. How many issues of First Issue Special could you possibly sell to make it worth the time and effort? And yet, DC was really thinking outside the box in terms of marketing, and if I has been a kid when the ComicMobile was around I would've camped out on my doorstep, money in hand. DC's heart was firmly in the right place. The ComicMobile lasted a year or two, then DC shut it down. *sigh*

The reason I'm posting this pic is, amid the superhero logos on the van, whose is dead center? That's right, Aquaman! We can also see (from left) Supergirl, Batman and Robin, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Hawkman.



Anonymous said...

That's longtime DC staffer/writer/Answer Man Bob Rozakis and his future wife there! He drove the Comic Mobile himself for a while. I think I read that (and saw this pic) in an issue of Twomorrow's great Backissue! magazine.

Go Artie! Right in the center there!


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the other '70's icon who vanned around:


(If you've never experienced the adventures of him, & of his cousin Chickenman, you're missing some gems!)


Anonymous said...

I was at my local library the other day and just happened to notice a book by Laurie Rozakis. It was a study of psychiatry (or was it psychology?) by The Answer Man's wife. And she dresses up as Wonder Woman, too????

rob! said...

ah, they don't make wives like that anymore! :)

Scurvy said...

You just totally made my day. Just knowing that there was a Dodge van drving around neighborhoods selling DC comics. That's awesome!

Plaidstallions said...

Bob Rozakis has sideburns I can only dream about! I have this issue somewhere, got it in a quarter bin because it had writing inside. Writing and sketchs by Joe Staton that is!

Anonymous said...

Rob & FOAMers-

(Actually, I believe The Wife might've dressed up all in black like a batlady once when we were dating... but we weren't on the streets at the time, as I recall...)