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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Amazing World of DC Comics Blurb - 1977

sgI've been digging through my issues of the fun-but-odd DC prozine, The Amazing World of DC Comics.

There's lots of neat stuff in there, and you get a sense of how constantly in flux the world of comics publishing is--titles are mentioned that never appeared, promises are made, gifts exchanged, etc. To wit, I found this little blurb in the "upcoming events" section of AWODCC #15.

So, bad enough that Aquaman was cancelled so abruptly in 1977, but now to find out there was an Aquaman Annual--the first one ever--planned, but that never saw the light of day?

What do you think about that, Arthur?

The Absorbascon reports--from a very good source, apparently--that Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis has a good chance of being cancelled in with issue #57, unless sales pick up dramatically.

There's a movement afoot for everyone to write to DC to get them to change their mind. I'm not sure what that would accomplish--anyone who would bother to write already buys the book, and apparently there just aren't enough of them/us for DC to keep it going for too much longer. It's not guaranteed, but I think my hopes that an Aquaman title would actually get past seventy-five issues are going to be dashed.



Dixon said...

Sigh. "Grrr!!!" indeed. I'm getting really tired of receiving that letter that DC Comics sends informing me that Aquaman has been cancelled, and would I mind selecting another title to switch my subscription to. I don't want another title. I want Aquaman!

Anonymous said...

Once more, DC has put long-time Aqua-fans in a bad position. If we rally 'round the new direction, talk it up to all our friends and somehow succeed in getting new readers to give Sword a try we may be shooting ourselves in the foot ... feet ... uh, foots(?)

Consider, an increase in Aqua-sales at this point would "prove" the popularity of Arthur Joseph and the editorial edict would most likely come down that, regardless of the story Tad Williams may wish to tell, AJ stays Aquaman. And we may get Arthur as a supporting player. Maybe. Y'know, if we're lucky.

If however, we fail to support the book it dies again and "proves" once more that Aquaman can't support his own title.

"Grrr" indeed.

Scurvy said...

I hope not. I'm getting tired of this, and I am really enjoying the new direction since #50. It's a lot more light hearted it seems, not as dark. I really hope it's just a rumor.