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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Super Friends Goggles - 1977

sgOne of the most unusual Aquaman items I've ever come across, yet it makes total sense--Aquaman swim goggles!

The goggles are your standard item, so obviously some manufacturer (in this case, Sportsotron(!), Inc., of Bohemia(!!), NY) had a bunch of them lying around and saw an opportunity to move a few by slapping a Super Friends tag on them.

I've mentioned before the ignominy of Aquaman getting removed from certain versions of the Super Friends logo, I guess if either the manufacturer didn't have enough space or they wanted to print one less color. But to not be included on your very own item? Sheesh.


Scurvy said...

Cool goggles! Never seen these before.

Just the fact that you were blown away by Steve's collection tells me it must be truly amazing, as I find yours to be. I can't wait to see his.
Mine looks pretty lame comapred to yours.

Dixon said...

Agreed. A collection that rivals the Aquaman Shrine itself? This I have to see...

rob! said...

i'm just worried that everyone will demand Steve take over the shrine. :(

Plaidstallions said...

If it's the same Steve Fink from the Mego circles, this should be pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

>i'm just worried that everyone will demand Steve take over the shrine<

From "The World's Greatest Aquaman Fan?" C'mon!


Dixon said...

Worried that everyone will demand Steve take over the Shrine? Not a chance, Rob. Remember, this isn't simply a collection of Aquaman merchandise, this is your collection of Aquaman merchandise, and your unique collection of stories, anecdotes, and memories.