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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Super Friends Coloring Book - 1975

sgFrom the prices this commands everytime it surfaces on ebay, I would say this Super Friends coloring book from Whitman is one of the most beloved childhood items of a lot of people. I had no intention of paying as much for it as I did, but I simply got tired of not having it in the collection!

The first thing I notice about this is the fairly unusual cover--you've got Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman to use, and instead you show off Marvin and Wendy?

The story concerns a race of underwater people that Aquaman runs afoul of, and they kidnap him (what is this, Justice?), which of course gets the Super Friends involved. Luckily, its all a big misunderstanding (what is this, a Marvel book?), and the whole thing is settled with just a few punches thrown.

Since the story is water-based, for once Aquaman gets the lions-share of the action! And while I compliment the writers heartily for putting Aquaman front and center, it's kind of a one-step-up, two-steps-back kind of thing. Bad enough that Aquaman gets kidnapped, but:

...he gets rescued by a swordfish. A swordfish. C'mon, Aquaman can withstand the deepest ocean pressure, and a friggin' swordfish gets him out a jam? I think it's stuff like this that convinced a whole generation that Aquaman was pretty lame.

...you said it, Dick.


Rick L. Phillips said...

They probably put Wendy and Marvin on the cover because they were the age of the kids they wanted to buy the book. I always liked them and hated their replacements the Wonder Twins. Actually, I never cared that much for Aquaman when I was a kid. Maybe it was because of things like this. This site, his apperances on Smallville and DC's Showcase Presents Volume of Aquaman have recently elevated his stature in my mind.

Dixon said...

"I'm worried about Aquaman," Robin said, knowing full well that if there wasn't a swordfish in the immediate vicinity that the King of the Seven Seas might never escape alive!

I see what you mean, Rob. We know how impressive and entertaining Arthur's command over his finny friends can be, but they may have gotten carried away with showcasing it in some stories. A superhero's got to rescue himself once in a while!

Anonymous said...

Put me in the camp who HATED Wendy and Marvin and Wonder Dog. Okay, I didn't hate Wendy or Wonder Dog. I just hate Marvin. The most ansinine character to ever wear a cape. Of course, I only have vague memories of the Super Friends show before the Wonder Twins came in, so that may have something to do with it. I came to know the original kid sideckicks through syndicated reruns.

I still have my childhood copy of this coloring book, and I get it out and look at it on ocassion. Rare that Whitman's artists would adhere so slavishly to Alex Toth's SF designs, but they do a fantastic job. That's probably another reason this book is so sought after. It actually looks like the cartoon, and few SF merchandise does, esp. merch that was made during the run of the show.


Siskoid said...

Oh my god, FLASHBACK!

I had this. I remember my mom getting it at the Woolworth's.

That book is since long gone, as is the store. But thanks for the memories.

Plaidstallions said...

Had it as a kid and I've got one in my collection now.

If I'm not mistaken some of the aliens in this one were models from a Galaxy Trio cartoon!