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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mego Week, Part 3: "Frankencard" - 1979

sgOne of my favorite pieces, a Mint-on-Card Mego action figure, aka "Frankencard" (we'll get to why in a moment). I purchased this at the late, lamented Toyrareum store in Ocean City, NJ, and I was so happy to find it.

This thing takes me back to being a kid all over again. The super bright packaging, full of classic comic art (I love the mixture of styles--those are Neal Adams' Superman and Batman, what looks like a Dick Giordano Supergirl, an Irv Novick Robin, and either a CC Beck or a Kurt Schaffenberger Shazam! on the front) , plus there are pics of other figures in the line on the back. Action-figure packaging at its finest!

It's known as "Frankencard", because he is clearly wearing Batman's gloves, and...why is there no Aquaman logo above him, you ask? That's because the card says "Superman" instead, in the globally-recognizable logo. Mego had lots of extra Aquamans lying around, so they slapped a yellow sticker over it, and hoped no one would notice. "Ah, these things are just for kids...no way are they ever going to become collectibles, kept on some geek's bookshelf a quarter of a century from now or anything. Now, let's get going on those Logun's Run toys...that's gonna be huge!"

For more info, check out the Aquaman page at the Mego Museum!


Rick L. Phillips said...

To me it looks like a Schaffenberger Capt. Marvel more then C.C. Beck.

Plaidstallions said...

I had a couple of end run Aquaman figures in baggies that had splotchy paint jobs and glow hands once.