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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vs. Card - The Shark

sgThis is probably stretching the limits of the Aquaman theme here, since The Shark started out as a Green Lantern villain, I believe. But over the years he's taken on Aquaman more than anyone else (makes sense!) that I say this Vs. game card qualifies.

Has anyone ever really thought about how absolutely terrifying it would be to live in the DCU (or the Marvel one, for that matter)? Your sense of security is completely shattered; with aliens, demons, monsters attacking cities on a near-weekly basis. Your spouse could all of a sudden try to kill you because--surprise!--they were taken over by some evil entity freed from its home dimension, bent on world domination. Hell, there are even giant, super-intelligent gorillas who are looking to take over your mind!

And nothing I think would terrify me more than meeting The Shark in person--here's a giant, evil man, with the head of a shark. He can swim after you, then chase you onto land, and bite your head off all the while probably rifling through your wallet. *shudder*

Who says Aquaman doesn't have some great villains?

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